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Giving a toast is a common event at dinner parties, at award ceremonies, wedding receptions, graduations, for office promotions, during a family gathering, a couples wedding anniversary, to a mom, a dad, at retirement parties, to a party host etc.
Toasts can be made to good health, to happiness, to friendship, for love and support, to encouragement, for a graduate to follow their dreams, to a bride and groom for a long life of love, patience and good fortune, a thank you to parents, relaxation and fun travel to an employee who is retiring etc.
Are you asking what do you say when you give a toast?  Depending on the occasion, if it is a small party with a few friends you can keep it short and spontaneous by honoring the birthday guest or your dinner guests with whatever brings you all together. A formal toast will need to be more thought out and a little more professional.

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Before you make the toast to the guest of honor or to toast the occasion you need to make sure you have everyone's attention, this is usually done by taking a utensil and tapping the side of the glass which will make a clinking sound. Once you have the guests attention you stand and raise your glass and make your toasting speech.  Make eye contact with the person you are toasting. Speak from the heart or memorize what you want to say.  Don't ever read from notes.  When done speaking raise your glass at eye level and say lets raise our glasses or here here or here's to you. Then you can tap the person's glass sitting or standing near you then all take a sip of drink.
The glassware used for a toast
is called the toasting flute. To make a special toasting and to have a keepsake of the occasion you can get an engraved toasting flute. Personalized toasting flutes can be engraved with a single initial, monogrammed with their 3 initials or personalized with their name.  For weddings you can get special bride and groom wedding flutes which can also have the date engraved on the glass.  For anniversary celebrations you can have Mr. and Mrs. and the anniversary year put on the flute. If you are on a budget and are looking for cheap flutes you can buy plastic toasting flutes.  These plastic flutes can also be engraved.
Our site will help you buy engraved flutes for weddings, wedding engagements and anniversary celebrations. The most common beverage served in a toasting flute is champagne.  We have a lot of cheap champagne flutes as well as nice designer flutes.
For wedding toasting glasses you can now buy champagne flutes and a cake server set.  It has two classic style toasting flutes and a cake knife server. The modern toasting flutes are hand blown glass and both flutes and the cake server can be engraved with any two line message. It has free personalization and free shipping. 
Another popular wedding toast glasses are the mr. and mrs. collection personalized flute set which is a set of crystal flutes with the last name and wedding date engraved below the mr & mrs
If you want traditional champagne flutes you can get stemless champagne toasting flutes that are engravable.
Unique toasting flutes are hand blown glass flutes, crystal flute set, silver plated toasting flutes, champagne flutes with twisted stems, glitter toasting flutes, classic style engraved toasting glasses, toasting flutes with hearts, rhinestone toasting flutes and many more styles.  If you are wanting a more elegant champagne toasting flute you can buy matching flute sets by reed & barton and  marchesa flutes.
Vera Wang wedding flutes are nice and come in several types such as lace bouquet, with love, duchesse crystal and love knots colletction.  Kate Spade toasting flutes are delicate designs in the new york gardner street flutes, new york darling point flute set, new york belle boulevard and the new york grace avenue crystal toasting flutes by kate spade personalized with each name and wedding date
Waterford Lismore Flutes are best selling flute sets with a bead silver stem. Waterford wedding flutes come in several colored flutes crystal lismore crimson, crystal amethyst and sapphire crystal. Waterford toasting flutes are for love and romance and crystal wishes celebrations are the perfect champagne glasses for wedding receptions.
If you are having a family reunion with a bunch of people and need to buy toasting flutes at wholesale or in large quantities you can buy cheap plastic flutes for toasting.

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